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HostedHooks Product Update (July 2021) August 2021 · ian


We've got so many cool things cooking here at HostedHooks that we are going to start a monthly product update. Each month we'll try to provide an update on everything that we've built and released.

This month we've completed some key security features, endpoint management tools, webhook monitoring enhancements and a bunch of minor tweaks.


Webhook Signing Secrets

One of the most fundamental strategies for securing webhooks is to use a signing secret. This is a secret key that is used by webhook subscribers to ensure that the webhooks they are receiving are coming from a trusted source.

Now all endpoints are shipped with unique webhook secrets that can be used by your webhook subscribers to validate their source. Every webhook attempt is sent with a custom header containing the signed payload hash and a timestamp.

If you want to learn more, you can do so here.


Enforce SSL Endpoints

Making sure that webhooks are sent over the wire via SSL is a very easy best practice to ensure that webhook payloads do not get intercepted by Man in the Middle attacks.

Starting today, all apps will ship with a setting where webhook providers can enforce SSL on all of their subscriber endpoints.

hostedhooks_webhook_enforce SSL

Webhook Management

Mock Webhook Payloads

To deliver our webhook users the best developer experience we want to make sure that developing against our webhooks are as easy as possible. To help with this we've developed the ability for webhook providers to build a mock payload when they are generating webhook events.

Once these webhook events are built, your users can subscribe to each event and trigger a mock payload to aid with their integration.


Webhook Monitoring

Webhook Attempt Filtering

Having visibility into your webhooks, both from a provider and subscriber perspective, is such a critical part of any system. Starting today your logs will now be filterable by success and failure states so you can drill down into your webhook attempts.

This is just the first step of being able to search webhook attempts and have some powerful features coming in the next month.

hostedhooks_webhook attempt filter

Endpoint Error Rate

Track your endpoint success and error rate quickly on the dashboard.


Miscellaneous Updates

Here is a list of smaller but equally important releases:

Coming Soon

In our upcoming releases we'll be focusing on the subscriber experience. Stay tuned for updates! You can follow us @hostedhooks or sign up for our newsletter.

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